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September 2002 Update:

Well, it's been a while, but we've added some new images and soundtrack items, so take a look there.

We'll be adding pics from the Mariachi night, so check back soon.




Well, we're back, sad to say. The wedding (though very much different from what was planned) turned out fantastic. We arrived a few days earlier -- to finalize plans -- and (long story short) ended up creating a wedding from scratch in 24 hours. (Well, we barked out a lot of orders at least. Thanks Randa! Thanks Joe!)

The flower witch made beautiful arrangements. The cake guy did exactly what Veta asked for. The caterer spent 3 or 4 hours with us (drinking) and creating a menu he had never prepared. (Though there's more to that story.) The band was auditioned over the phone. The top floor veranda (aka Hank's bedroom) was decorated by our guests. Yadda Yadda Yadda...

Somehow...it all came together.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come down and share this time and place with us. (Sorry we all had to actually come back.) And sorry for those that couldn't make it. Hopefully this site and our stories will help you understand how fantastic it really was.

Special thanks to Joe y Randa [who followed through on our every wish and command], Manny y Geri [for a lovely dinner and a serenade by 11 of the best Marhiachis in Vallarta], Gino [who played many a role -- Bartender, Translator, Photographer, Errand Boy, Charles Townshend, etc.], Marianna (House Mgr)[who 'had a guy' for everything], Claudio [for entertaining las chicas], Bobby, Christina y Dan [for maintaining their consistency of lateness by missing the plane], Allyson [Editor's Note: Not fit for print, but we WILL be telling people about it!], Hank [nice ties, man], Marianna [for being our only local to join us], Wendy & Sanjay [for organizing our meals at the villa], Antonia [for making those splendid meals], Nick [for arranging an amazing sea excursion, complete with an Armada of dolphins, humongous dancing Mantra Rays, etc.], Helen [our Cabana Girl],

So, we'll be adding more to this story and more pictures and what not as time goes on. Check back. Maybe some day soon we'll be broadcasting from the soon-to-be newly-renovated Xanadu!

Until Then!